A Troyella Story-Chapter 4

It had been three weeks since Gabriella and Troy had last spoken properly. Troy was still dating Sharpay and Gabby was still single. One day, in the locker-room after a basketball game, Troy overheard Josh Parker, a guy on the basketball team talking about Gabriella.
“I went out with her last night!” he bragged with a smirk.
“Where did you take her?” Jason asked.
“Chez Robert.”
“Woah! Fancy!” Chad exclaimed. “I hope she was worth it!”
“Oh, she was! That kiss was awesome!”
Troy began feeling weird. He jumped into the conversation.
“You guys kissed?”
“Yeah.” Josh smiled.
“Are you guys dating?” he asked, feeling sick.
“Not officially. But if tonight goes well then I’m gonna ask her to be my girlfriend.”
Troy nodded and gave Josh a weak smile. He put his shirt on and left.

“You kissed him?!” Taylor exclaimed.
“Yes. And I don’t know why! I didn’t even have fun on the date!” Gabriella moaned.
“You don’t like Josh? He’s so hot!” Taylor asked.
“Yeah, I know he is… but all I could think about was Troy.” Gabriella put her head in her hands.
“Aww Gabby.” Taylor put her arm around Gabby’s shoulders. “You have to get over him. I know it’s hard but he obviously doesn’t feel the same way as you.”
“I know!” A tear rolled down Gabriella’s cheek. “But I miss him. I haven’t spoke to him in a month!”
“Nothing is stopping you from talking to him… Just keep yourself busy and date other guys. Anything could happen Gabs.”

‘Oh, I can’t take anymore of this!’ Troy slumped down in his seat and tried to not concentrate on Mrs Darbus’ English lesson. Feeling bored he brought out his phone and went to play a game. Suddenly, another phone in the class began to ring. Troy glanced down at his phone. He had pushed the wrong button! 
‘Oh, no!’ Gabriella thought in a panic. ‘That’s my phone!’
She dived into her bag in an attempt to turn it off.
“Gabriella Montez.” Mrs Darbus was standing right in front of her. “


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A Troyella Story-Chapter 3 continued

Troy smiled and walked in. He sat on the bed and Sharpay followed.
“Hey Gabs! Here’s your shoes.” He handed her the hot pink bag.
“Thanks.” Gabriella took it and sat down opposite them on a chair.
“We have news!” Troy smiled. He took Sharpay’s hand. “We’re officially dating!”
Sharpay nodded and beamed.
Gabriella felt immediately sick. Determined to act normal though, she forced a smile on her face.
“Wow!” she said. “That’s just… Wow! I’m happy for you guys.”
“Thanks,” Troy said happily. He glanced at Sharpay who was smiling too. 

Later that night, after “Troypay” had gone home, Gabriella got into bed and tried to make sense of everything that had happened.
‘I can’t believe it!’ she thought. ‘I realize I’m in love with Troy and as soon as I find out he starts dating Sharpay Evans! Who only cares about herself! I could scream!’
Gabriella flung the covers over her head and began to sleep. 

Over the next few weeks Troy began seeing much more of Sharpay and much less of Gabriella. He wasn’t sure that was totally his fault though, because it really seemed that Gabriella was avoiding him. He wondered what had gone wrong between them because he started to realize that he missed her. A lot. 

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A Troyella Story-Chapter 3

Later that night, Gabriella was in her room with another one of her best friends, Taylor. They were discussing Gabriella’s sudden weirdness around Troy.
“And how did you feel when Troy told you about Sharpay being the one he could stay with for a long time?” Taylor asked.
“I don’t know how to describe it!” Gabriella moaned. “Tay, I think I’m in love with him!”
“WHAT?” Taylor exclaimed. “With Troy? Your best friend since 1st grade??”
“Yes. It all started last night with that stupid dream! It’s made me look at him in a completely different way!” Gabriella put her head in her hands.
Taylor put her arm around Gabby. “What are you gonna do?” she asked.
“Well I can’t tell him.” Said Gabriella. “It will completely ruin the friendship! And I really don’t want to loose him!”
“But that means you’ll have to act normal around him. No more running out on him at Starbucks!” 
Gabby gave a weak smile. Taylor smiled back and suddenly, the phone rang, startling them.
“Hello?” Gabriella said into the phone.
“Hey Gabs! It’s Troy! I was just wondering if everything was OK?”
“Oh hey,” Gabby said. “Sorry about running out on you… I wasn’t feeling well.”
“Okay. You forgot your shoes.” Said Troy.
“Oh right! My shoes! I’ll get them tomorrow.”
“Do you want me to bring them by now? I’m out anyway.” Troy asked.
“Umm… sure, that would be great.” Gabby said. She and Troy hung up and Gabby turned to Taylor.
“Ohmigosh Tay! He’s coming over! Right now! What do I do, what do I do?!” 
“Gabriella! Calm down! It’s just Troy! Act normal!” Taylor said.
“I can’t!” Gabriella moaned. 
“I’m gonna go now anyway,” Taylor said. “Call me as soon as he leaves!”

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on Gabriella’s bedroom door and Gabriella rushed to open it. 
“Hey Troy!” she said brightly and then her smile faded. Right behind Troy stood Sharp

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A Troyella Story-Chapter 2 continued

“Oh hey Sharpay!” Troy smiled.
“Hi.” Gabriella said.
Sharpay beamed and stopped in front of them.
“So what are you guys up to?” she said, looking at Troy.
“Gabriella was just getting some shoes.” He said, smiling back at her.
“Me too!” smiled Sharpay, still looking at Troy
‘Woah, is it just me or is there some serious chemistry going on there?’ thought Gabriella. 
“Huh Gabriella?” Troy said.
Gabriella snapped back to earth and looked at Troy.
“Sorry, what?” she said apologetically.
“Sharpay was asking if we want to come with her to get a coffee?” Troy said, still smiling at Sharpay
‘No, I don’t actually. I want it just to be me and you!’ Gabriella thought, surprising herself. But instead of saying that out loud, she said simply, “Sure.”.
“Great!” Sharpay smiled and flicked her long blonde hair. The group waited in the queue to pay for Gabby’s shoes, but it was a long queue and they began to get bored. Troy, who noticed Sharpay getting impatient and didn’t want her to leave said, “Hey Gabs, do you mind if Shar and I go get a seat at Starbucks and you can meet us there once you’ve paid?” 
Gabriella did mind of course, but she nodded for them to go ahead. Sharpay looked properly at Gabriella and gave her a grateful nod. About fifteen minutes later, Gabriella paid for her shoes and made her way to Starbucks where she found Troy sitting alone. 
“Where’s Sharpay?” she asked.
“Oh, she had to leave.” Troy replied cheerfully. 
“What’s got you so happy all of a sudden?” she smiled.
“Sharpay and I are going to dinner tomorrow! I think Sharpay could be the one!”
“The one?” Gabby asked, shocked.
“No! I meant the one I have a long-term relationship with!”
Gabby suddenly felt like she had been punched in the stomach.
‘Okay, what is going on?’ she thought and stood up. “I have to go,” she said to Troy. “Bye!” 
Troy looked confused as Gabriella ran out of the shop and rushed to the elevator, completely forgetting about the bag of shoes.

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A Troyella Story-Chapter 2

‘Don’t be so stupid!’ Gabby told herself firmly. ‘You don’t love Troy, he’s your best friend!’
She sighed and got out of bed to get ready.

Meanwhile in Troy’s room, he was already dressed and bored. He picked up the phone and dialed Gabriella’s number.
“Hello?” Gabriella answered.
“Hey,” Troy said cheerfully. “How are you?”
“Does that mean you don’t wanna come to the mall with me?”
“Noo! I wanna come! I need some new shoes!”
“I don’t want to make it a girly trip!” Troy protested.
“Get over it Troy!” Gabriella laughed, “I’ll get some shoes and then we’ll go to the video game store to make you happy. Deal?”
“Deal.” Troy grinned. “I’ll pick you up in half an hour.”

About an hour later, Troy was already bored as Gabriella tried on her sixth pair of shoes.
“What about these Troy?” she asked him, studying her feet.
“Huh? Oh yeah, they’re nice.” He replied.
“Nice? Really? Do they make my ankles look fat?” Gabby asked worriedly.
“Your ankles? No, they look nice too.” Troy said whilst wondering why girls are so paranoid about their looks. He didn’t notice Gabriella blush when he gave her that small compliment. Gabriella felt her cheeks go red and furiously tried to calm herself down.
“I think I’ll just get these ones,” She said, holding up the third pair she had tried on. “They go with my purple top with the silver design.”
“That’s great,” Troy said relieved. “Does that mean we can go to the video game store now?”
Gabriella laughed. “You are such a guy! Yes, we can go as soon as we pay for these!”
Troy grinned. “Thank God. If you had made one more comment about your ankles I would have broken them!”
They laughed and began walking over to the cash desk when suddenly-
“Hey Troy! Hey Gabriella!”
They turned around to see Sharpay Evans, East High’s it-girl making her way over to them. Sharpay had never really spoken to Gabriella but it was rumored that she had a big crush on Troy.

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A Troyella Story-Chapter 1 continued

That night, Gabriella logged off of the computer and brushed her long, dark brown hair. “Goodnight Mom!” She called to her mother who was watching the television. She waited for her mom to shout back, then got into bed, closed her eyes and fell asleep…

Troy and Gabriella were on a beach somewhere. They were sitting close and Troy was talking to Gabriella.
“I just want one girl to spoil, show-off and be able to talk to properly.” He was saying.
Gabriella smiled at the sweetness of his words and he wriggled closer to her. She looked in his eyes, surprised as he took her hands and then looked in her eyes back.
“And I want you to be that girl Gabby.”
“Me?” Gabriella asked in disbelief. She waited for the words to sink in then started moving closer to Troy. Troy smiled and brushed her hair out of her eyes, carressing her cheek as she did so. They leaned closer and closer and just as their lips were about to meet, a shrill beeping noise ruined the moment.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. It was Gabriella’s alarm clock, announcing that a new day had begun. She sat up in bed, shocked at what she had dreamed. 
‘Woah!’ she thought. ‘Do I like Troy Bolton?’

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A Troyella Story-Chapter 1

“And then what happened?” Gabriella Montez asked Troy Bolton.
“She said that she had met someone else.” Troy replied sadly.
Gabriella was in Troy’s room on Friday night, discussing the latest drama in Troy’s love life. There was always a small drama going on but that was because Troy, with his blonde hair, blue eyes and basketball-player physique, was very attractive and basically no girl could resist him! Except from Gabriella of course, who’d been Troy’s best friend since the start of school and did not see him in a “boyfriend” kind of way.
Gabriella sat down next to Troy. “Oh Troy, I’m sorry.” she said.
“Don’t be,” Troy gave a weak smile. “It’s just that… Nah, never mind.”
“Tell me!” Gabriella looked at him, worryingly. It wasn’t like Troy to talk about his deepest feelings.
“Well, it’s just that all my relationships last less than two months! I just want one long-term relationship with a girl who I can spoil, show-off and talk to properly!” he stood up and walked over to the window.
‘Aww, I feel so bad for him,’ Gabriella thought to herself. ‘That was surprisingly sweet of him to say that!’ She stood up, walked over to Troy and gave him a hug.
“Hey,” she said when she pulled back. “At least you’re in relationships! I think guys just, see right through me!”
Troy smiled. “Aww, Gabs, there’s plenty of guys who like you! Josh – that new guy in the basketball team – thinks you’re hot. Want me to arrange something?”
Gabriella laughed. “Maybe. We’ll see how it goes.” she said. She glanced at her watch. “I should go. I promised my Mom I’d wash the dishes for her and I haven’t done it yet!” she grabbed her bag and walked to the door.
“Bye,” Troy said. “And thanks for coming over and listening to me being such a girl!”
Gabriella laughed again. “Oh you are not a girl! You’re not pretty enough!” She ran out of the room giggling and Troy heard her leave the house. He smiled. It was cool to have a friend like Gabby.

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Hello! This is where you can find all the Troyella stories, all in one place!

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