A Troyella Story-Chapter 1 continued

June 16, 2008 cbstarpengie

That night, Gabriella logged off of the computer and brushed her long, dark brown hair. “Goodnight Mom!” She called to her mother who was watching the television. She waited for her mom to shout back, then got into bed, closed her eyes and fell asleep…

Troy and Gabriella were on a beach somewhere. They were sitting close and Troy was talking to Gabriella.
“I just want one girl to spoil, show-off and be able to talk to properly.” He was saying.
Gabriella smiled at the sweetness of his words and he wriggled closer to her. She looked in his eyes, surprised as he took her hands and then looked in her eyes back.
“And I want you to be that girl Gabby.”
“Me?” Gabriella asked in disbelief. She waited for the words to sink in then started moving closer to Troy. Troy smiled and brushed her hair out of her eyes, carressing her cheek as she did so. They leaned closer and closer and just as their lips were about to meet, a shrill beeping noise ruined the moment.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. It was Gabriella’s alarm clock, announcing that a new day had begun. She sat up in bed, shocked at what she had dreamed. 
‘Woah!’ she thought. ‘Do I like Troy Bolton?’

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