A Troyella Story-Chapter 2 continued

June 16, 2008 cbstarpengie

“Oh hey Sharpay!” Troy smiled.
“Hi.” Gabriella said.
Sharpay beamed and stopped in front of them.
“So what are you guys up to?” she said, looking at Troy.
“Gabriella was just getting some shoes.” He said, smiling back at her.
“Me too!” smiled Sharpay, still looking at Troy
‘Woah, is it just me or is there some serious chemistry going on there?’ thought Gabriella. 
“Huh Gabriella?” Troy said.
Gabriella snapped back to earth and looked at Troy.
“Sorry, what?” she said apologetically.
“Sharpay was asking if we want to come with her to get a coffee?” Troy said, still smiling at Sharpay
‘No, I don’t actually. I want it just to be me and you!’ Gabriella thought, surprising herself. But instead of saying that out loud, she said simply, “Sure.”.
“Great!” Sharpay smiled and flicked her long blonde hair. The group waited in the queue to pay for Gabby’s shoes, but it was a long queue and they began to get bored. Troy, who noticed Sharpay getting impatient and didn’t want her to leave said, “Hey Gabs, do you mind if Shar and I go get a seat at Starbucks and you can meet us there once you’ve paid?” 
Gabriella did mind of course, but she nodded for them to go ahead. Sharpay looked properly at Gabriella and gave her a grateful nod. About fifteen minutes later, Gabriella paid for her shoes and made her way to Starbucks where she found Troy sitting alone. 
“Where’s Sharpay?” she asked.
“Oh, she had to leave.” Troy replied cheerfully. 
“What’s got you so happy all of a sudden?” she smiled.
“Sharpay and I are going to dinner tomorrow! I think Sharpay could be the one!”
“The one?” Gabby asked, shocked.
“No! I meant the one I have a long-term relationship with!”
Gabby suddenly felt like she had been punched in the stomach.
‘Okay, what is going on?’ she thought and stood up. “I have to go,” she said to Troy. “Bye!” 
Troy looked confused as Gabriella ran out of the shop and rushed to the elevator, completely forgetting about the bag of shoes.


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