A Troyella Story-Chapter 3 continued

June 16, 2008 cbstarpengie

Troy smiled and walked in. He sat on the bed and Sharpay followed.
“Hey Gabs! Here’s your shoes.” He handed her the hot pink bag.
“Thanks.” Gabriella took it and sat down opposite them on a chair.
“We have news!” Troy smiled. He took Sharpay’s hand. “We’re officially dating!”
Sharpay nodded and beamed.
Gabriella felt immediately sick. Determined to act normal though, she forced a smile on her face.
“Wow!” she said. “That’s just… Wow! I’m happy for you guys.”
“Thanks,” Troy said happily. He glanced at Sharpay who was smiling too. 

Later that night, after “Troypay” had gone home, Gabriella got into bed and tried to make sense of everything that had happened.
‘I can’t believe it!’ she thought. ‘I realize I’m in love with Troy and as soon as I find out he starts dating Sharpay Evans! Who only cares about herself! I could scream!’
Gabriella flung the covers over her head and began to sleep. 

Over the next few weeks Troy began seeing much more of Sharpay and much less of Gabriella. He wasn’t sure that was totally his fault though, because it really seemed that Gabriella was avoiding him. He wondered what had gone wrong between them because he started to realize that he missed her. A lot. 

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