A Troyella Story-Chapter 3

June 16, 2008 cbstarpengie

Later that night, Gabriella was in her room with another one of her best friends, Taylor. They were discussing Gabriella’s sudden weirdness around Troy.
“And how did you feel when Troy told you about Sharpay being the one he could stay with for a long time?” Taylor asked.
“I don’t know how to describe it!” Gabriella moaned. “Tay, I think I’m in love with him!”
“WHAT?” Taylor exclaimed. “With Troy? Your best friend since 1st grade??”
“Yes. It all started last night with that stupid dream! It’s made me look at him in a completely different way!” Gabriella put her head in her hands.
Taylor put her arm around Gabby. “What are you gonna do?” she asked.
“Well I can’t tell him.” Said Gabriella. “It will completely ruin the friendship! And I really don’t want to loose him!”
“But that means you’ll have to act normal around him. No more running out on him at Starbucks!” 
Gabby gave a weak smile. Taylor smiled back and suddenly, the phone rang, startling them.
“Hello?” Gabriella said into the phone.
“Hey Gabs! It’s Troy! I was just wondering if everything was OK?”
“Oh hey,” Gabby said. “Sorry about running out on you… I wasn’t feeling well.”
“Okay. You forgot your shoes.” Said Troy.
“Oh right! My shoes! I’ll get them tomorrow.”
“Do you want me to bring them by now? I’m out anyway.” Troy asked.
“Umm… sure, that would be great.” Gabby said. She and Troy hung up and Gabby turned to Taylor.
“Ohmigosh Tay! He’s coming over! Right now! What do I do, what do I do?!” 
“Gabriella! Calm down! It’s just Troy! Act normal!” Taylor said.
“I can’t!” Gabriella moaned. 
“I’m gonna go now anyway,” Taylor said. “Call me as soon as he leaves!”

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on Gabriella’s bedroom door and Gabriella rushed to open it. 
“Hey Troy!” she said brightly and then her smile faded. Right behind Troy stood Sharp


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